Happy New Year



The beginning of a new year always energizes me! I love to look back on the previous year and make note of all that has happened – goals achieved, new ventures started, and overall personal and professional growth. Of course, this also means making note of things that didn’t work out so well. There is always a handful of things that I wanted to complete but didn’t and now I must determine if these unfinished tasks should be put onto the calendar again. I enjoy the challenge of setting new goals and creating new routines to move things forward.

This first week of the year is dedicated to purging all things I don’t need, both personally and professionally. At home, we are clearing out all items we no longer want or need and giving them away to those who can use it. We always gather at least one full bag of kids clothes that are too small and toys they have outgrown. I am reminded how incredibly fortunate we are and grateful that we have everything we need.

Professionally, I need to decide which projects to pursue and which to set aside. I often try to do too many projects at a time, which becomes frustrating and overwhelming – it’s time to focus. I am moving forward with Mindful Art Center and developing new workshops both online and in the studio. I am also dedicating time each day to creating my own art – even a few minutes is enough. I’ve started a new Daily Visual Journal – it is empowering to make a commitment to create art everyday. It is a commitment to myself and my growth as an artist and art therapist. I am so looking forward to 2015!

What are your routines or new goals for the new year?