Daily Visual Journal Technique – Found Poetry

Daily Visual Journal

This video is part of a series I am creating for my Daily Visual Journal project, which includes a book, videos, and workshops both online and in my studio. This week I am creating found poems.

There are many ways to create found poetry…  the way I use it in this video is a very intuitive process to help you develop self-awareness. I use a page randomly ripped from an old book (that I have for projects like this) and I intuitively choose a few words. I don’t examine the text or choose the words to specifically create a poem, but I choose words that somehow stand out or resonate with me in some way. While choosing the words I cover them with the sticker part of a post it note (or something that will stick and still be removable without ripping the paper. Then I paint over the page with acrylic paint and then uncover the words when the paint is dry. The words revealed in this example:

moment together
seriously investigating wonder
enough collected

After revealing the words I take a few moments to reflect on their meaning for me at this time. Lately, I have been following my intuition more and tuning in to synchronicities that are showing up in my life – I have been focusing on mindfulness and trying to be “in the moment”. I have also been talking to a lot of people about the joy that art brings to my life.

Daily Visual Journal – mindfully making art

I have been working on my Daily Visual Journal for over 6 years – on and off, not everyday… but I’m trying to get back into the habit of creating everyday. Just a few minutes of mindfully focusing on your art is a great way to decrease stress and increase self awareness.

I’ve been recording my work and uploading it to you YouTube this week. I actually find it fascinating to see myself work and see the work evolve and grow.