Happy New Year

so far, so good.

resolutions? the same thing I resolve to do every day – try. Try to be consistent; try to go easy on myself when I’m not consistent; try to be a better person; try to make the world a better place (yes, I believe everyone can); try to raise amazing kids (they are definitely amazing); try to be healthy (eating, exercise, meditation); try to be like Yoda, “there is no try, only do”…



I’m still trying to find my word for 2017. Maybe it’s “try”. That doesn’t sound very powerful or impactful. But maybe it is. Maybe it is the most powerful because it can be so difficult to get up each day and try again. It can seem futile to keep trying when things are difficult, but that’s when it’s most important to do so – to keep trying. Each day – each minute, second – is a new opportunity to try to be your best. Hmm, I think I’m approaching this from a very mindful mindset – maybe all the ’trying’ to meditate and ’trying’ to be mindful has actually been way more effective than I realized.


I will try. I will continue to try each day – each moment – to be the best version of myself. To be authentically and unapologetically myself.