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The Power of Art

Kelly Darke, ATR
Kelly Darke, ATR, M.Ed., BFA

Remember when you were a little kid and you made art just because it was fun? Not because your art was being judged as a some measurement of your talent or creativity? We are all creative and our brains are designed to be creative — to process our unconscious thoughts – and discover more about ourselves and about our emotions.

This is my goal in art therapy – to help you process those emotions until you feel better. Until you can cope and manage the difficult days knowing that it will get better. Knowing that you can make a difference in your own overall well-being.

I know what it feels like to be stuck – to be so down that it’s hard to imagine anything will work to bring you out of the darkness. I also know that making art is powerful and healing and making art is what I always return to as a means of processing my emotions – as a way to navigate my internal conflicts and discover the ‘why’ beneath it all.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is not about being an artist or creating gallery ready art (although, that can happen) – it is about connecting with the visual, emotional part of our brain and processing those emotions.

It’s about training your brain to cope with negative thoughts and begin replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. It’s about letting yourself feel what you feel and pouring it out on the canvas, or paper, or clay…

As an art therapist, I combine mindfulness with art to help you create positive coping skills that can bring joy back into your life through the process of creating art. Art making is not just for kids and it’s not a waste of time!

– Making art reduces stress and anxiety as you mindfully connect with the experience and follow your intuition

– Creating art is a way to express your emotions and communicate without words

– The process of making art strengthens cognitive skills like memory, fine motor skills, and sequencing (pattern recognition)

– Creating art creates joy


Do you want to discover more? Do you want to bring more joy into your life? Make art a part of your everyday experience. Explore the process – trust your intuition and see where the art leads you.

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(This video is a time-lapse of a Daily Visual Journal page – I do not actually work that fast)

Is Art Therapy for you?

I work with individuals of all ages – children, adolescents, adults… – and can especially relate to the pressures and emotional rollercoaster of adolescence. This is a time with so much brain development and growth that teens can have a difficult time managing it all, not to mention the bullying and aggression that can occur to them or someone they know. I wish I had a therapist when I was 12!

I welcome everyone to art therapy – I am an LGBTQ affirming therapist.

My Education

I graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Education for art therapy and have worked with adults with traumatic brain injuries, children and adolescents with developmental07_21_2010 and emotional disorders, and transgender youth and their parents. I work with clients in my private practice, Mindful Art Center, in Livonia and create online self-care workshops for adults. In 2013, I was honored to present at the Expressive Art Therapies Summit on the topic of digital art therapy.

  • experience the joy of creating
  • discover something about yourself through your art
  • learn mindfulness techniques with art