Open Studio Art Therapy Group

This group is based on the open studio method developed by Pat B. Allen in which the artist is the expert of their art and the art therapist is a witness. The art therapist does not analyze the participants art to determine the meaning, yet the participant will engage with their art in a safe and supportive environment in order to learn for themselves what their art is telling them. The art therapist and other participants do not critique or analyze each others art during this process – they are each witnesses to the process unfolding in the group. Registration for this group is required 24 hours before scheduled meeting time.

Open Studio Art Therapy Group progresses in three steps:

  1. Intention setting: during the first 10 minutes of the group time we will meditate on an intention. You may be seeking clarity, or ease, in a particular situation. Your intention can be that you gain clarity.
  2. Art making: during the next 30 minutes we will create art inspired by our intention. It is not necessary to create anything specific to your intention, but allow yourself to create what comes to you after setting the intention.
  3. Witnessing writing: during the next 10 minutes we will write about the art we created. There is no need to analyze the work or imagery, but more of noticing what is there. Participants may share what they have written with the group, but this is not necessary.

This open studio process gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself from yourself through the process of making art. You may witness something in your artwork that provokes certain feelings within, whether positive or negative these feelings are welcomed as an aspect of yourself and a way to learn more about yourself and your needs. Use this insight throughout the week to help gain clarity – use this process daily to improve your overall well-being.

This group will meet each week on Wednesday from 6pm – 7pm beginning July, 19 2017

Registration required 24 hours before scheduled meeting time
$35 per session
Limit 12 participants ages 17+

Please call or email Kelly Darke for more information, to register for this group, or for any other questions.