Capture your nature walk for a meditation

Walking in nature has many benefits and changes our brain for the better. It reduces our stress and can train our mind to focus on our surroundings instead of mindlessly getting distracted by the chaos that often surrounds us at work, school, or in a busy city.

There is also research showing that recalling a happy memory can help alleviate depression without the side effects of medication.

I decided to combine these two activities for an art therapy experiential that I could use for my own source of meditation at anytime and anywhere.

While out for a walk on a beautiful and windy day, I captured a few seconds of video of the trees blowing in the wind, the ground while walking and snapping twigs, and a brief moment of a cardinal on the top of the fence. I decided to put these short clips together for an audiovisual resource to use for my own meditation when the weather isn’t so great, or the conditions aren’t ideal for going on a walk. I can now pull up this video and recall the beautiful day and the time I had to walk and notice nature – the time I spent with my youngest son looking for squirrels and birds and listening to the wind in the branches of the trees.