Finding Joy Through Art

The Joy Factor Podcast

I’m excited to share that I was interviewed by Julie Hanson for her podcast The Joy Factor – “a podcast for anyone with a desire to create more joy in their lives”. She contacted me after seeing my work as an art therapist and my Daily Visual Journal project.

Please listen to the episode, share it, and write a review if you have the time. With all the bad news we hear I think it’s pretty great that this podcast is focusing on ways to find joy in the midst of it all.

This was a great conversation. We talk about what brings joy, what steals joy, parenting, and making art everyday. Please listen and share your thoughts.


Mindful Mandala drawing / painting

Mandala on canvas with watercolor

This is an experiment and see how the watercolor paint would work on canvas and since this canvas already had a mark of blue paint on it I decided to record myself creating a mandala.

I used a Sharpie marker so that the paint wouldn’t smear the lines. Each section of the mandala added has a specific meaning to me – it’s part of my mindfulness practice using mandalas 🙂

This took an hour to complete, so this video is obviously a time-lapse of the entire thing… I really enjoy watching myself creating art in a video – it’s such a different perspective and I notice things I didn’t realize I was doing. I can see how I move my hands when creating a line, or how I move the marker back and forth while thinking about what line to add next.