Mindful Art Center is offering a basic ceramics class for anyone 11+

small ceramic dishes with mandala design
small ceramic dishes with mandala design

Registration required 24 hours ahead of scheduled time

In this ceramics 101 class, we will focus on learning the basics of preparing your clay and creating a pinch pot. We will learn about different techniques and tools and be able to glaze the finished piece.

Check Calendar for days and times

Cost = $120 for five sessions

July 31 – August 4 next session

To register, call Kelly at 734-502-7920 or click the Add to Cart button below

Monday: learn how and why to prepare your clay; what is a pinch pot; what tools to use for a pinch pot; begin making your piece; learn how to store your pieceTuesday: continue working on pinch pot; try different tools to smooth your piece or make a textureWednesday: continue working on piece; try an underglaze if desiredThursday: start a second pinch pot if you have completed the first one

Friday: if pieces are dry enough they can be fired in the kiln – this process may have to wait until all the pieces are completely dry and you will be able to pick up your finished piece when it’s ready