Schedule an Appointment

Fees: Art therapy sessions are $110. Call or email me to schedule an appointment: 734-502-7920

I’m also a member of Open Path, a non-profit psychotherapy collective helping to connect you with therapists in your area at a significantly reduced fee. View my profile for open times at Open Path Collective. You can You are also welcome to schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me at the Mindful Art Center studio to learn about my services and determine if art therapy or a workshop is right for you.

ATR Supervision: ATR candidates may schedule one hour of supervision per week, please call or email to arrange times.

Payment: Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted at time of appointment.

Insurance: Mindful Art Center is a pay-for-service practice – and does not work directly with insurance plans. I can give you a receipt if you would like to submit that to your insurance – some insurance plans may reimburse you for art therapy services.

Please call 734-502-7920 or email Kelly Darke to schedule an appointment.