Mindful Art Sessions

To be mindful is to be aware – to be aware of your surroundings – to be aware of the present moment in time – and to be conscious of the ‘here and now’. At Mindful Art Center we focus on the power of art: the power to reduce stress, the power to express your emotions, and the power to create joy through creativity.

Studies have shown that developing a mindfulness practice has many benefits, including: reduced anxiety, decreased symptoms of depression, improved self control, and more. Creating art, in all forms whether knitting, playing music, cooking, drawing… has similar effects as meditation – so, let’s try combining mindfulness and creativity to really amplify the results!

In our Mindful Art Sessions you will have the opportunity to learn art skills along with learning about mindfulness and strategies that you can carry with you throughout your life. Creating art is calming, meditative, and personal – we encourage self-expression without limits. Mindful Art Sessions are not about using formulas or step-by-step procedures. You will learn techniques and how to use materials, then create!

Some of the Mindful Art Sessions that will be offered are:

  • Mandalas – create a mandala using a template and experience the meditative power of pattern
  • Gratitude journal – design the watercolor cover of a gratitude journal
  • Embroidery – create an abstract embroidery piece following your intuition
  • Zentangling – more than just doodling – Next session July 31 12noon – 2pm
  • Stone painting – hold a bit of nature in your hand and mindfully design patterns – Next session August 2 12noon – 2pm
  • more…

call 734-502-7920 or email Kelly@MindfulArtCenter.com to register

Mindful Art Sessions
Mindful Art Sessions