Self-care consists of intentionally doing something that improves your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This is different for everyone. Personally, I like running and making art. Running is a way to get myself moving and to get myself outside – since I work in my studio or from home so often, getting outside needs to be planned. Making art helps reduce my anxiety and connects me to myself in a way I can’t completely explain. But IChangeSmall do know that when I neglect making art my depression gets worse, which then makes it difficult to make art and I get stuck in a bad cycle. I also have a difficult time sticking to a fitness routine. I start off running or walking every day then a month goes by and I have forgotten all about it. So, in order to get healthier – both physically and mentally – I’ve decided to begin a radical self-care challenge.

I plan to research and implement as many self-care ideas that I can reasonably incorporate into my daily life.

Something I have already started is to send out positive message postcards to family and friends. I benefit from making the art and hopefully others benefit by receiving a positive message in the mail.

What do you do for self-care?